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San Marcos Holistic Centre


San Marcos Holistic Centre

We offer professional therapies and training courses in a wide range of complementary and natural healing techniques. Our philosophy is based on an understanding that healing is a process, an exploration of your essential being. We offer a nurturing, safe atmosphere in which to undertake this journey and support is available through education and treatments. Many travellers from all over the world, visit us but as well as welcoming foreign visitors we also aim to promote the use of holistic healing within Guatemala and Central America.

What are Holistic Therapies?

The term “holistic” is taken from the Greek word “holas”, meaning “whole.” Holistic therapies consider the whole person not just a bunch of symptoms. Treatments are gentle, safe and relaxing and therefore avoid harmful side-effects and allow the body to heal itself. As the whole person is treated, not just the symptom or disease, most people will benefit from treatments. These therapies bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and are suitable for all ages.

San Marcos Holistic Centre

The Holistic Approach

The natural approach to medicine includes a multitude of different therapies and treatments. As humans, we operate on many subtle and complex levels blending and intertwining the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects which we use to define ourselves. Physical illness or dis-ease manifests when we are out of balance. The intention of our holistic therapies is to return the body to its natural state of equilibrium.

For healing to occur, it is important that the individual is willing to take responsibility for his own health. The power of the mind and manifestations of your thoughts are extremely powerful. Subsequently the self responsibility model is essential if you are looking to restore harmony in your body. When treating illness, it is important that we discover the underlying causes of the presenting problem. From birth we are continually programmed by our families, societies and the environments in which we live. For on going results and continued restoration of health to occur, we need to go back and dissolve the influences that are no longer serving us. In changing our behaviours and responses to the people and the environments which are detrimental to our health, we will find we become more positive, energetic and feel more at peace.

San Marcos Holistic Centre

San Marcos Holistic Centre

At the Holistic Centre we can help you on your journey of transformation. By gently peeling away the layers we encourage you to reunite with your true self. We offer a variety of options to help you along your path of rediscovery. In our experience different types of people seem to have different therapy and massage preferences.

If you like to have physical body work done for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes, our Swedish and Indian Head Massages are perfect to take away any stress and tension you may be holding. Our Deep Tissue and Sports massages are excellent for relieving deep muscle tension and specific pains due to sports injuries. You can choose which massage will best fit your needs.

Some people prefer more energetic work which can balance on the structural, emotional, mental and biochemical levels. Kinesiology uses biofeedback in the form of muscle testing and gently restores balance using techniques from Chiropractic traditions and Chinese Medicine. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used to discover blockages in your physical body (through muscles, organs and meridian), as well as your behavior patterns and belief systems. Restoring your energy can result in feeling stronger, healthier, more confident, and liberated of past stress and pain. Reiki is a non intrusive, laying on of hands treatment, which channels universal energy to where you need it. It is very relaxing and can be done either on or off the body. We also offer a combination treatment which we call Creative Energy Work which contains meridian and chakra balancing, reiki, E.F.T., acupressure and kinesiology techniques. It is a wonderful treatment to balance both the physical and energetic bodies.

There is an ongoing joke in San Marcos that people come for lunch and then never leave. It is a beautiful lake side community full of opportunities to relax, be in nature and expand your mind. Often people who do leave end up coming back so plan to stay for awhile if you are interested in learning. We offer a variety of courses and they vary in length from 2 to 21 days. Internationally Certified Touch for Health Kinesiology, Perceptual Bodywork and Bach Flower Remedy courses are available through the centre. Massage courses, Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique classes are also available. Our classes are thorough, professional and a lot of fun. The atmosphere is light hearted while at the same time focused on quality. Learn new skills so you can share them with your family and friends or even make a career change into holistic health.